About Us

About Us

The Heroes in Health (HIHA) Awards is a Public-Private Partnership project instituted in 2019 by the Ministry of Health with the support of Xtraordinary Media. HIHA is an inaugural rewards initiative instituted to recognize outstanding individuals, entities, organizations, services, products, and programs. This is a public choice award, where members of the public will nominate and vote their heroes. The strategic objective is that by shining light on their outstanding contributions; individual, community, nonprofit, public and private players in the health sector will be rallied to innovate, serve the public better and to embrace global trends in the delivery of efficient healthcare to Uganda’s citizens.

This event purposes to encourage the kind of responsible citizenship we would all like to see imbued in Uganda. The HIHA are anticipated to be hosted annually to pay homage to the dedicated and talented foot soldiers, practitioners, academics, organizations and other sector partners who dedicate their careers, time, life and resources to providing exemplary care, innovation and service to Ugandans countrywide.


13th February, 2020


15th February – 15th March


Date to be Communicated

Nominations Closed; Award Gala Dinner Postponed.

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